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Ms. Ulrich, Principal
58 Riverside Drive
Princeton, NJ 08540

Tel: 609.806.4260
Fax: 609.806.4261

Guest Celebrities

Be A Guest Reader, Mathematician or Scientist!                

If you or someone in your family would like to come into our class and read a book or share a science or math activity, please let us know by completing one of the forms below.  If you are not able to be at Riverside School physically, but you have Skype, iChat or GoogleTalk available to you, join us that way.  By using these programs we hope to expand our classroom community to include relatives or friends who are not able to travel to Riverside School.

Mrs. Tolin was our first Celebrity Reader.  She read us two books Matthew selected.  The books were about Halloween.  We are getting very excited for Halloween. Thank you, Mrs. Tolin and Matthew, for the fun books!

Judy Wilson, the Superintendent of Princeton Regional Schools, read to us It's Fall. Afterwards we added new fall words to our chart.  We used these words to make our own book about fall.  Thanks for joining us!
Helene's grandfather was visiting from Germany and he was  our Celebrity Reader.  He read In The Night Kitchen to us. When he finished reading us the book, he donated it to Riverside's library.  Thank you so much for reading to us and for the book.  Come back again!
Erin's Mom, Mrs. Carney, was our Celebrity Reader on our  Halloween Parade Day.  She read The Spooky Wheels on the Bus to us. It was a fun and funny book!
Sofia's Dad was our Celebrity Reader.  He read us Those Darn Squirrels and The Cat Next Door by Adam Rubin.  This is one of Sofia's favorite books.  The class enjoyed it too, especially the part when the cat got wet!
Heidi, Mrs. Bruschi's former kindergarten student, was our guest reader.  Heidi read 2 of her favorite books Over The Green Hills and The Leak Man And The Brave Good Bugs. We also asked Heidi questions about when she was in kindergarten.  Heidi loves Penny too!
Hudson's grandmother joined our class and read one of Hudson's favorite books, Saving Samantha. It was about an injured fox who was nursed to health.  We enjoyed it a lot.  Thank you for being our Celebrity Reader!

Hudson's Nana read us the book Berlioz The Bear. We enjoyed hearing how Berlioz and the other musicians were able to get out of a hole and play at the town ball.
It was Nana's birthday and afterwards she shared a birthday treat with us--homemade bear cookies.  Yummy!! Happy Birthday, Nana!
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Gracie's grandfather was our celebrity reader.  He read us My Teacher For President.  We decided Mrs. Bruschi could be president, but she is very happy being our kindergarten teacher!  We enjoyed GrandDad's visit.  Thank You!
Remmick's Mom read us One Brown Bunny. We loved the story and it was perfect for the beginning of spring!
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Nick's grandmother visited us and read  10 Little Penguins.  Of course, penguins are one of our favorite subjects!  She donated the book to our class and she gave each of us a penguin stick puppet.  Thank you, Grandmom!


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