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Riverside Arrival Procedures
Arrival Procedures

RS school, in conjunction with the Princeton Police, developed our arrival procedures in 2015 to ensure safe and smooth movement of cars on campus.  Below is a reminder of our drop-off procedures in order to maintain our peaceful, and most importantly, safe arrival of all our students.

  • Please do not drop off children prior to 8:00.  There is no supervision and the school doors are not yet open.
  • When pulling in to the RS drop off circle, please pull all the way forward.  This allows for many cars in the drop off line and prevents back up on to Riverside Drive.
  • Please do not allow your children out of your car until you have reached the end of the drop off line.  This practice allows the drop off line to move quickly and also allows for many cars to be in the drop off circle at once.
  • In order to keep the drop off line moving quickly, we request that you remain in your car and that children exit vehicles on the curb side.  We also request that children exit the vehicle with all their belongings.  Having to retrieve a backpack from the trunk or gather lunches from the front seat prevents the car line from moving quickly.  
  • There is never any parking on the drop off circle.  
  • Please use the drop off circle only during arrival.  The parking lot is for staff parking only.  Children crossing the drop off circle unescorted is a safety concern and also prevents the car line from moving quickly.  In the event that you do park in a legal space in our parking lot, please use the cross walk when crossing the car line.
Tips for a smooth drop off:
  • Arrival spans a 25 minute period (8:00 to 8:25).  Most children are dropped off by car in the last five minutes of the arrival period.  Consider arriving earlier.
  • Stay in your vehicle.  There are school personnel monitoring arrival that help to ensure the safety of the children as they exit the vehicle and walk to the doorway.  It may feel like “just a moment” when you leave your car, but the car line can back up quickly in that moment.
  • Consider walking or biking to school!  Many families enjoy this time together and it is a healthy option.
  • Most of all be patient.  Most cars are in the drop off circle less than five minutes.  I enjoy seeing smiling, happy children as they arrive at school.  A peaceful drop off is the beginning of a joyful day!