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Welcome to Riverside School

Riverside school is an educational community serving 275 students in  pre-kindergarten to fifth grade.  Our school is nestled within its community allowing most of our students to walk to school which facilitates the close connection between home and school.

Our Program:  Riverside provides students with a comprehensive and responsive academic program that not only focuses on the New Jersey common core standards, but extends and enriches each childís experience with a variety of opportunities.  Language Arts classes are organized in the workshop model that personalizes instruction, allows for student choice and cultivates a community of learners while our math and science classes centers on problem solving and creative thinking.  All instruction is enhanced by technology through computers, ipads and chromebooks in the classroom as well as a recently upgraded computer lab.  Staff members utilized a number of on-line resources such electronic textbooks and Google Apps for Education putting the outside world at our fingertips.  Our students also receive regular instruction in fine arts, physical education, science lab and library usage.  They benefit from partnerships with Princeton University and outside, local groups in these areas enhancing and enriching the experience.  Support services are also available to eligible students who are learning English or are in need of academic intervention through highly skilled service providers.  Special education services are available both in-class and self-contained.  These skillfully designed programs help serve the needs of our diverse population.  

At Riverside we believe in nurturing the whole child, therefore we cultivate a safe and caring environment.  Classrooms build community through regular morning meetings and our Upstander initiative is integrated with our academic program through lessons with the counselor.

Curriculum Extensions:  Enrichment abounds at Riverside School with carefully integrated opportunities that reach all of our students.  These include a student-led television production unit, KBC, STEM related challenges through an extended science lab period as well as a variety of experiences in our outdoor learning lab and Organic Gardens.  Our living laboratory which has been home to a multitude of turtles has been recently improved to include native and carnivorous plants.  Students benefit from the expertise of a dedicated science teacher, on-sight master gardener as well as McCarter theater residency.  The residency allows students to experience the curriculum through a total theater immersion in our Blackbox theater.  The grandpals program increases reading engagement with our youngest students and increases cross generational appreciation.  Classroom speakers, parent committees and PTO sponsored clubs all contribute to the continual evolvement of our instructional program.

Parent and Community Involvement:  Parent, faculty and community volunteers have furthered our ability to bring meaningful learning to our students. By including parents in the decision making process we encourage shared responsibility for every childís success.  We continually work to expand our outreach to all families and to keep all members of our community well informed of the instructional program.